1. Hi Catherine ~

    Is this a spot to also recommend my favorite Trader Joes finds…like their Italian Style Meatballs or their Eggplant Cutlets?? I’ve made so many great dishes using these….



  2. Absolutely! Please send your recipes! ce

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Put me in the drawing…I love your recipes. John is the cook in the family at this time but your recipes inspired me. I’m working such long hours cooking just isn’t a priority. When we met, John sent me to cooking school near your house, I believe, to a place…long gone. He’d already graduated!
    Debbi Lawlor

  4. After purchasing amazing TRUE balsamic vinegar in Italy for $100, and rationing it for one year, I found an affordable vinegar I can live with for $11. I’ve done a lot of taste tests, blindfolding myself and this is the winner. Grandad’s Gravy balsamic vinegar.

    That tip is worth $89. 🙂

  5. hi please could you let me know what happened with the original owner parioli romanisimo the fanily were Rossi. I liked to went that it was perfecty, I need to contact Alex Rossi
    Laura Parvis

  6. Dear Catherine and Bruce,
    What a wonderful website and another example of the wonderful creatvitiy in our small class. My heart is always at Latin School, but I actually graduated from Exeter and my classmate there is Chris Kimball who founded Cooks Illustrated: you may perhaps have gotten the chance to know him. As you both are, he is an amazingly thoughtful, nice and creative person and a great writer (his essays in the magazine each month are gems I think). He would love your website. I look forward to trying your recommendations.
    My best wishes,
    James Meserow

    • So nice to hear from you, James. I love Cooks Illustrated! I’m sorry I missed the reunion–Rick told me you were there. Maybe next time.

  7. Please add me to your mailing list.

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