Posted by: Catherine | February 21, 2010

Time Off

I have to admit to myself that I must take a little break—Bruce is sick, and as my photographer (believe me, you don’t want to see any of my food photos!) he is unable to take any pictures for a while. Plus, I’m not doing too much cooking. So I’ll be back soon, hopefully early March—and I hope you will, too.

In the meantime, just a quick mention of a memorable meal—this is a must if you want to blow your budget in Los Angeles.  A friend took me to Wolfgang Puck’s Cut for my birthday. Now, I am not a steak eater, but this was not just any steak–it was aged and cooked to perfection. We made up our own sampler of 21-day and 35-day aged New York  sirloin and filet mignon plus some American Wagyu/Angus Kobe-style rib-eye. To say they was delicious beyond belief doesn’t do them justice….And so were the breads (amazing onion focaccia and pretzel rolls), first courses (a tuna tartare and a scallop-cum-truffle concoction) and dessert (chocolate souffle with gianduja ice cream, hot fudge and creme fraiche). The wine: a 2006 Frank Family Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ll be talking about this one forever!



  1. Sounds like a great meal. Hope your husband feels better.

  2. Wow that dinner sounds amazing!!! The dessert especially 😉

    I wish the best for your family and hope he gets well soon!!

  3. I hope your husband is getting well very soon. I would take a break too if my husband is ill.
    I hope you and Emma stay healthy,

  4. Get well vibes going out to Bruce! Of COURSE I will be back in March, or whenever you are back on your feet. xoxo

  5. Happy belated birthday! I hope that Bruce gets well soon, poor guy it has been a long time! I’ll be here whenever you come back around!

  6. Catherine, hope your husband gets well soon, and happy belated birthday! Look forward to see you back in March…by the way, what a great way to celebrate your birthday!

  7. Catherine, I do hope that your husband feels better soon! Your birthday meal sounds really lovely! I hope to see you online very soon!

  8. I hope he feels better soon!

    Oh my God that meal! it sounds amazing!

  9. Take the time you need and best wishes for good health!

  10. I hope your husband gets well soon! Time off can be a blessing–periods to recharge creative batteries are essential to keep the passion alive.

  11. Best wishes and quick healing to your family. You have a lot of friends here so if you want to speak…please do. Otherwise, good wishes, love and hugs. Too all of you and Emma.

  12. Happy Birthday a bit late, and I hope your husband is feeling better very soon.

  13. Happy Birthday belated and I hope your husband feeling well dear Catherine. huggs

  14. Ooooh,…that is too bad!! I hope he will be feeling better soon,…See you soon!

  15. Im worry about you, I want to know how are you dear, huggs, gloria

  16. I have been on a bit of a break myself and have only just seen that you are on hiatus too. Sending all good thoughts to you, Bruce and Emma. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. When S was in hospital last year, that was the best bit of advice anyone gave me.

  17. Gosh, what a coincidence… I’ve just come back from my year-long break! ^_^ Really hope Bruce gets better, and you get your long-needed rest!

  18. I hope you and hubby are OK. I want to whish you a very Happy Easter! gloria

  19. I thought you had been scarce around the internet lately. Thinking of your family and wishing your husband a speedy recovery!

  20. Hey I hope everything is doing well over by you! It is already April and I’m missing your posts. 😦

  21. I hope your family is well and speedy recovery your husband .. regards foodcreate ~

  22. Hope you’re doing okay. miss you!

  23. Just stopping by to say I was thinking of you today. Sending you all good thoughts.

  24. I hope you come back soon refreshed! Hope everything is well….

  25. Sometimes a break is exactly what you need. Hope Bruce get’s well as the pictures and posts go hand and hand so it is understandable. Look forward to seeing more lovely photos and great articles.

  26. Catherine,
    I miss you!
    How is Bruce, better, I so hope.
    You and Emma are still cooking?
    Know you are very missed and thought of.

    • So nice of you! Thanks so much for your concern. Bruce is hanging in there, and Emma and I just made Thanksgiving dinner together. She and a friend helped make the Triple Chocolate Trifle, which we all gobbled down in a few days, along with some delicious mashed potatoes made from Yukon Golds (they make all the difference, I think, especially if you whip them!). Hope you are well and still cooking up a storm!

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