Posted by: Catherine | February 1, 2010

Lemons Galore

Two weeks ago our neighbor popped over with another shopping bag full of the best meyer lemons on the planet, and we’ve been busy making our favorite lemony recipes. We’ve re-made all the ones I’ve shared with you, tried a few new ones, but nothing holds up in the savory category like Parmesan Chicken “Salad”, and in the dessert category the hands-down best, most unusual, fantastic concoction is the Frozen Lemon Meringue Bombe.

So, in case you missed either one of our favorite lemony recipes I’m reposting. The chicken is a perfect one-dish dinner, guest-worthy to be sure and very easy to make (I swear it takes me 15 minutes start to finish now that I can do it in my sleep). Plus, I think it’s better than most fried chicken–so crispy outside with  a great crunchy crust, and yet it’s totally healthy! The Bombe is without question the best non-chocolate dessert I’ve ever had anywhere, and in fact I would put it up against many of my chocolate faves, too. Please do try, and let me know what you think.



  1. Catherine…meyer lemons? I am so jealous…my little poor mayer lemon tree is not doing well and I read that you got a bunch of them 🙂
    The frozen lemon meringue looks so yummie, if I only could have a spoonful…my mouth is watering at the pictures…will save the recipes for later 😉
    By the way, the chicken parmesan salad looks yummie, a great meal!

  2. I can’t even find meyer lemons at the grocery store. Both dishes look awesome!

  3. I need this Parmesan Chicken salad. I’m trying to eat lighter….

  4. Lemon is my Waterloo! I can resist all sweets, unless it is lemon. Lemon Bombe=LOVE.

  5. Catherine, your lemon bombe dessert look so smooth and delicious, so does your Chicken salad.

  6. Oh that lemon bombe…bliss! My Grandfather just called and told me he’s sending a box of lemons. I can’t wait to make these again!

  7. The lemon bmbe dessert is awesome Catherine, I really love lemon desserts, xxx gloria

  8. The lemon bombe is a winner in my book. Great idea to repost! It is meyer lemon season isn’t it?!

  9. I’m drooling over your lemon bombe photo. Pale, smooth and delicious! This may even take over first place in my lemon favorites list!

  10. Oh, wow, that lemon meringue bombe looks fabulous! Got to get some Meyer lemons soon!

  11. A BOMBE? Wow…that’s super impressivE! Of course, gotta balance that with a salad!

  12. I so love your Parmesan chicken salad,..that’s a meal for me & my husband.

    Your dessert looks decadent & rich,…not for me,..but my mother would indulge herself with this luscious dessert!

  13. Even though it’s bitter cold here I sure could go for some of that lemon bomb! It sounds even better than ice cream. And I love Parmesan chicken – the lemon vinaigrette sounds excellent.

  14. That lemon bombe is luscious. I could take a bite right now.

  15. I need a neighbor like yours. I’ve never baker with meyer lemons. They must taste good.

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