Posted by: Catherine | January 15, 2010

Deconstructed Caesar with Grilled Romaine and Grilled Rock Cornish Hen

Sometimes I feel like I’m in the business of thinking up alternative ways to serve chicken–and am I sick of it! Both the thinking and the eating. It’s not as if we don’t eat fish (once a week, from Santa Monica Seafood, which is The Best!) or pork (at least once a week) or lamb/beef (occasionally, since Emma won’t eat either). Somehow, though, poultry keeps popping up on the menu. We have turkey 4,000 ways, chicken 4,000 ways…and Rock Cornish hens 2,000 ways. One of our favorites is grilled with wedges of grilled Romaine topped off with Caesar dressing. Truth be told, those little suckers are more or less flavorless (hence, the recipe for the roasted ones given life by the  “pate” stuffing)–in this dish, the Caesar dressing as well as the charred lettuce do their jobs to add tons of taste.

Today, btw, is my one-year anniversary with this blog. I started it right after I learned I’d lost two big clients to the recession, and thought I’d better do something semi-constructive before I just got into bed and stayed there until the economy recovered. For keeping me going when the going got tough, I’m forever indebted to my little blog. In addition, it’s brought me a lot of unplanned-for  pleasure–all my food friends (you!), the Unconfidential Cooks’ Dinners with so many great women and their incredible offerings;  many fun projects with Emma; and some good meals I may never have made. Thank you!



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary Catherine! And for sharing your recipes and stories, I thank you, my friends thank you(epecially for the lemon meringue bombe). I so enjoy seeing what you’re up to, so keep those posts coming please, even when the economy does – eventually- pick up.

  2. Congrats on your 1-year anniversary! We must have ESP – I made a Chicken Caesar today too! I eat them all the time. I get such a craving for them. This looks delicious with the hen and that crispy skin! What a nice twist.

  3. Congratulations on your blogoversary! I love the idea of grilled Romaine with Ceasar dressing, how delicious!

  4. Congrats on your one year anniversary. Your blog is just wonderful.

    Can u believe chicken caesar salad is actually a favorite of my husbands. Have to admit that annoys me a little. I feel like he should have a big juicey steak as his favorite.

  5. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I love your blog and always look forward to your posts and delicious recipes. This is yet another one that’s getting bookmarked!

    Raising a glass of champagne to you! (as if I need an excuse) 🙂

  6. Happy Blogiversary! 1 year is a big milestone. I’m so glad that you started this blog up and to have met you through it! We are making your best ever meatloaf this weekend. Mr. B has begged me for it ever since we visited! I look forward to trying this grilled caesar once we dig out our grill.

  7. I’m just discovering you (thanks to TKW) and am loving your blog! Happy 1st Year!

  8. Congrats in your anniversary, I love your salad look tatsy and nice! gloria

  9. Well happy blogoversary to you! Hope you find some new and interesting and GOOD chicken recipes in the coming year.

  10. congrats! so glad to find your blog!

  11. Love thsalad but happy blogiversary. It’s a wonderful hobby and makes the world a smaller place.

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