Posted by: Catherine | December 7, 2009

One Thing I Hate About Blogging, and A Mexican Chicken Stew I Love

One thing I hate about blogging is that I feel pressured to try/create new recipes so I can post twice a week and, as a result,  I am not making many of our favorite things to eat. (I won’t get into all the reasons why I don’t need extra stress in my life.) Equally bad, you don’t even know most of our family faves because I posted them first when absolutely nobody was coming to my blog (and let’s face the facts about how often people come to a site and go through back recipes).

So, I’ve decided to take a load off and, on occasion, do a kind of re-post as I’ve done here with Ina’s Mexican Chicken Soup—recipe originally here. Ina makes this as a soup, but I prefer it as a one-dish meal/stew. You can craft yours by simply altering the amount of chicken stock you add. Or, one night you can make a stew and then add more stock to make a soup on leftover night. We all agree that avocado and cheddar are must-toppings, sour cream optional (and, not really necessary according to Bruce).

I made a big pot this past weekend in anticipation of a week of cold and rain here in Los Angeles. I just love it when it rains here! I miss those days in New York when you could legitimately stay in, under the covers with books and movies and the Times, all Sunday long because it was so dreary outside. Here, the weather is so great so much of the time I always feel I have to live up to the day…which can get a bit tiring day after day.



  1. That sounds really good! Most of my meals are repeats too 😉

  2. WOW! It looks really good!

  3. What a tasty soup! Can I have extra cheese on my bowl? 😉

    Mm, I hear you about blogging. Sometimes there’s an unseen pressure to post, but I think we need to remember that blogging is supposed to be a fun hobby.

  4. Mmm…I can almost taste this through the screen. I’m trying to make more soups this month and will add this to the list!

  5. This looks great, sweetie! And you know what? Recycle the old posts, because I want to read every word. xoxo

  6. Heh, I love reposting. Although when I do it I have to get new pictures, my old ones are so bad they scare small children.

    That stew looks fantastic, it’s finally cold here, I would love some right now.

  7. I re-post too on occassion, because you are right, if you re-post something you did a year ago, that’s okay!

    I agree with your weather statement, that’s why I love Chicago because its so great to stay in when its crappy outside!

    Thanks for posting the recipe, that’s my kinda soup!

  8. Can’t wait to make it. We’ve got the perfect weather for this dish and I love anything Mexican.

  9. Actually before I subscribe to a blog I go through all the archives first. Sometimes it takes a while but there are so many good ones that get passed up.

    I think this is a perfect idea and a lovely stew.

  10. I think it is a nice kind of “reminder” to the post that you like…and why not share them again? Your soup looks delicious, great for this weather 🙂

  11. Ah, I know what you mean about new recipes…Sometimes, I just want to eat the same thing over and over, but for the sake of the blog…
    But I guess that is a good thing, or I’ll be stuck in a food rut!

  12. Delicious stew! I think re-posts of our early blog recipes especially favorites is a great idea. I’ve been thinking of re-posting a few of mine as well at some point.

  13. Oh my gosh, I just made exactly the same soup on Saturday for our family gathering. I also used the same recipe from Ina. It was so good. Yours look so creamy and yummy!

  14. That looks like the whole dish!!! I’m sure it’s very delicious!!!

  15. Having a hard time commenting – maybe 3rd time’s the charm. I post less frequently than I used to. It helps take the pressure off and then I think – what do I want to cook? Say? Especially now – with busy times. Readership changes, so reposting is a good idea. By-the-by, this does look delicious and I will be making it next week!

  16. I’m glad you reposted because this sounds delish, wow. I am a Mexican food freak…yum!!

  17. I think the same thing- I have all of these wonderful recipes from way back on my blog and I need to bring them forth again. Good idea to do a recap for all the new readers too!

  18. I absolutely love this! All of my favorite things! And I agree about the avocado and cheese. And sour cream, too, please. I definitely don’t mind re-posts!

  19. Cath this look awesome and delicious. xx gloria

  20. The soup looks awesome…definitely worth a repost 🙂

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