Posted by: Catherine | November 17, 2009

(Relatively) Healthy Burrito




From all my decades of  dating, I culled three rules for my Mr. Right:  no republicans,  no smokers and never marry a man who expects a great meal every night. As you might suspect, that last rule did not drop onto my plate from thin air. No, there once was a guy (and you know who you are!!!) that used to say oh-so-sweetly, “Why should we go out to dinner when you can make something so much better.” Sounds nice, but that’s a sweet-nothing from which nothing good could come. And that’s not all. The same man came from Montana (oops, did I give it away?) and believed in  “square”  Cowboy-size meals, meaning meat, vegetable, potato/rice, salad, and dessert. Dump him, you say. I did.

Bruce, on the other hand, was and still is the first to say, “Let’s just go out” or, if I’m still slaving at the computer at 6:30, “What would you like me to go pick up for dinner?” He is also very open-minded about what constitutes dinner–a run to our favorite donut shop, Stan’s,  in Westwood; a bowl of cereal;  a piece of cake that’s size-worthy of a dinner. You get the picture. When I met him, I thought, this is great…he eats like a girl! It was just a few months into our romance when we got into bed to watch the Academy Awards with dinner–our respective favorite pieces of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory–and  I knew then he was a keeper.

Plus, Bruce is always complimentary of whatever I do throw together (no matter how pathetic) and is always willing to grill anything I’m too lazy to throw in a pan.  Yet…lest you think I’m one of those  sickening women who extol their  perfect marriages (I am not and do not), let me say that Bruce kind of faked me out with these burritos. They were the one dinner he used to make on a consistent basis…before the day of our wedding. Now I make them. Here’s how….

Get some four tortillas at Trader Joe’s–they are SO good! While you’re there pick up a box of frozen brown rice, ground turkey, sharp cheddar (if you’re really lazy like I am get the shredded cheddar), salsa (the kind in the jar that’s smooth, not chunky), more salsa (the kind in the refrigerator section that’s chunky), and some guacamole (though I recommend you buy all the fixin’s for The Best Guacamole).

Start by browning the turkey meat until done, and toss in some of the un-chunky salsa for flavor. Nuke the rice and while you’re at it, heat the tortilla in a frying pan. As soon as the tortilla is warm, flip it. Arrange a handful of cheddar down the middle and top it with the rice and turkey, and maybe some more salsa, either kind.  Fold one side of the tortilla over the top, then the other and heat until everything melds and the cheese is melted. Top with chunky salsa and guacamole.



  1. Love the recipe and love the story behind it even more. You really made me laugh. 🙂

  2. First of all, I’m loving the name of your burritos. Second, I think I love Bruce.

  3. What a great recipe and story! Bruce is definitely a keeper =). We used to eat burritos all the time for dinner growing up. I need to pull out that trick more often at home now!

  4. Bruce is definitely keeper material:) Wish I had a Trader Joes near me. These sound absolutely fantastic. Love the cross section shot!

  5. Bruce is PERFECT! Hahaha, I really really enjoyed your personal anecdote behind this!

    Love the fast and easy recipe, too!

  6. Thanks for your sharing your story. I’d have dumped that first guy too! Bruce sounds like a real keeper. The burritos are keepers too. Look delicious!

  7. Good on you for dumping Montana man! He sounds like a pain in the ass!

    ANY man who will feast on cheesecake, IN bed, watching the Academy Awards is GOLD!

  8. My husband and daughter would totally go for these burritos! We always have quick & easy meals like this a few times a week – I say we can only eat fabulous every other day 🙂

  9. Oh I am laughing, it’s so true. You would have been his food slave. This burritto however looks very yummy!!

  10. I love burritos – these sound easy and delicious! How can you help but love a man who eats cheesecake in bed? So fun! My Dad always says I love anything you cook – and he does – even the duds.

  11. I love the recipe & I so love the story behind it too! hahaha,..

    A lovely dish! Yummie all the way,..I also like the tip of the week,..I didn’t know that! thanks so much!

  12. Oh! Your burrito looks delicious, moist…and so funny the story behind it 🙂

  13. We have been liking breakfast tacos lately. Just sent some off with my son on his Boy Scout trip. I made the mistake of letting my guy know I cook and there is no way out of it now. Maybe I will not teach my children how to cook or at least teach them to keep it a secret. hehe.

  14. I love healthy burrito, look really yummy!

  15. What a great blog post. I wanted to call my girlfriends on the phone and read it to them immediately. My husband is the same way. He will eat anything and never ever complain. It is a wonderful thing. One of these days I am going ot make it to Trader Joe’s. I like Jungle Jim’s. It is two hours from my house, so I don’t get there as often as I would like. Thanks again for sharing your recipes!

  16. hehe.. love the story behind these magnificent looking burritos!! yumm!!

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