Posted by: Catherine | September 21, 2009

Le Club





For many people anything French is divine, and though I’m not one of those people there are a few things I can say undeniably that the French have/do that are head’s above the rest:  Flowers, for one—they just don’t grow ’em like that anywhere else. The way women wrap a scarf—it’s like the roubik cube of wrapping; you can stare at a French woman’s scarf for hours and when you try the same twists and turns around your neck you look like a mummy, or a jerk.

And, the club sandwich. Now, I pride myself on knowing a good club because my standard room service meal wherever I’ve been in the world has been a club sandwich and French fries. I’ve eaten dozens and dozens, and until I had one at The Ritz in Paris I never had a real club sandwich. There I was, by myself, and when I bit into that sandwich I was in heaven (actually, who wouldn’t be in heaven there?). Between that room-service club and the pool in the basement, I saw no reason to ever leave that hotel.

That got me started, and I began ordering club sandwiches all over Paris. They were all good, and what made the difference was…slices of hard boiled egg. Why don’t Americans put hard boiled egg in their sandwiches? It’s a mystery to me because it puts them over the top in deliciousness–try it; please; no matter what kind of sandwich you’re making.

There is no third piece of bread in a French club sandwich to distract from the real roasted turkey breast and the real bacon (no turkey bacon in France, to be sure). There is just enough mayo to moisten, but not sog out, the bread, which is toasted lightly so it’s just crisp, but not brittle; the tomato slices are thin so as not to disengage the sandwich with every bite; and the lettuce was NOT iceberg.

Give it a try, and you’ll feel like you’re at The Ritz.



  1. I don’t know why I haven’t put an egg in a club sandwich. Next time I will, looks wicked good.

  2. wow! that sandwich really looks divine, perfect for my dinner tonight, thanks!

    cheers from london,


  3. I’m drooling :-)”’

    I super puffy heart the club sandwich. i order it all the time too but when I saw this one I thought “oooh, egg! Why didn’t I think of that”

    Those Frech are genius. I will be adding egg to my sandwich very soon- thanks!

  4. Sandwiches look delicious! Love all the layers of goodness between the bread. I used to put eggs in my sandwich (when I ate sandwiches). But that’s ’cause I’m an egg monster and will put them on just about anything! 🙂

  5. Delicious sandwich, perfect and yes, I’d be dreaming eating this, and enjoy the sound of the wave at the Ritz in Bali.

  6. Oh! Club sandwich with egg…yummie! Love the addition 🙂

  7. For some reason, I think hard-boiled eggs are evil. I can do the whites, just not the yolks? I am odd.

    I did have a lobster club sandwich at the Venetian in Las Vegas last year and almost died, it was so good…

  8. Everything about this sandwich is making me hungry right now! Why don’t we use hard-boiled eggs, indeed?! Think I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow…

  9. You have me cracking up about the scarves; so true! The sandwich sounds incredibly good with egg! Can’t wait to give it a try.

  10. Wouldn’t have thought to put the egg in the club sandwich, but it sounds like a tasty addition.

  11. I never thought of putting eggs in a club sammy before. I would love that.

    I love hard boiled eggs and usually make a few every weekend for snacks at work. Next time I’ll add it to my sammy!

  12. That is one fabulous club sandwich! I’m totally putting the egg in my club sandwich next time, excellent!

  13. Ha this is neat. My hubby orders Clubs where ever he goes too. I have gotton to where I order BLT’s. They are always safe as well as a good club. The French clubs sound divine.

  14. Now that’s a sandwich! Yumyum!

  15. I love to make club sandwich. What a great idea with the eggs. Looks delicious.

  16. I’m in love with your club.

  17. that’s a hearty helping of egg–i like it! the french version of the club sandwich appeals to me much more than the american one!

  18. I am drooling over your CLUB sandwich,…it looks so delicious!

    Just so appetizing!!!!


  19. Nothing hits the spot like a good old fashioned BLT. When I have ordered one someplace in the Caribbean, it always came with an egg in it. Never ordered one in France- but it looks as though the egg addition is a thorougly European idea.

  20. I too find a club hard to resist! Like Starbucks you almost always know what you are getting, and when on the road that is a very good thing!

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