Posted by: Catherine | September 13, 2009

Chocolate S’mores



The idea for all-chocolate s’mores came to me when Emma and I were planning her Chocolate Slumber Party—we decided it would be a fun dessert and we used chocolate marshmallows and chocolate grahams along with hot fudge sauce. If you like chocolate, these are the s’mores for you.

We also decided that, instead of traditional s’mores, we’d use the butter warmers I bought for our Cheese Fondue Tastings…and, in fact, they turn the s’mores into a double-dipping bonanza. All you need to do is nuke the chocolate marshmallows (available at gourmet and specialty food stores…or you can add cocoa powder to regular marshmallows) and pour into one of the warmers. We make hot fudge (I posted the recipe in Double Chocolate-Oreo Ice Cream Pie with Hot Fudge Sauce) and pour into the other. Not too tough.

The kids loved this dessert, and so did Bruce and I—we were available for tastes during the Emma’s party.  So, one night when we were having several of our friends to dinner and Emma suggested making the Chocolate S’mores, I thought: Why not? Why not, indeed. The grownups devoured every morsel and used spoons to get every last drip of chocolate marshmallow and hot fudge out of the butter warmers and onto the chocolate grahams. Even the women who protested they “just couldn’t” (more common than not in LA!) indulged, seemingly without remorse.



  1. Looks very tasty!


  2. mmmm..s’mores..

  3. Holy smokes! By making them all chocolate, you made them even better!!
    BTW I love your blog!

  4. Fabulous! Love the idea of chocolate s’mores & chocolate slumber party sounds like so much fun.

  5. What fun! These look sinfully delicious and I love that your friends couldn’t resist! That is the best kind of dessert =).

  6. Oh my… I love s’mores and this looks way too good! Cocoa and marshmallow= chocolate marshmallow.. I love it!!!

  7. *Waiting* for my invitation to the chocolate slumber party…..

  8. That’s such a great dessert. Looks so yummy.

  9. Fabulous idea! It always delicious to have chocolate treat.

  10. Be still my heart.

  11. this idea is super great!! 🙂 love it!

  12. is there ANYTHING more fabulous than a bowl of melted chocolate? lovely presentation of a wonderful idea!

  13. That is a great idea for a kids party. My daughter Claire’s 8th birthday is exactly two months away and she can’t stop talking about what to do.

    I’m going to suggest this for sure!

  14. Just heavenly!!

  15. I love the idea of fondue/dipping bonanaza. I really should do this. I haven’t used my fondu pot, not even once. Well, it’ll be perfect for fall and winter game nights with friends.

  16. I love chocolate graham crackers- they’re my favorite. These look like quite the chocolately treat.

  17. ahhh fancy fun!!!

  18. Awesome. It’s like deconstructed smores. 🙂

  19. This look absolutely delicious and I love s mores! gloria

  20. I have the same dipping bowl with candle. I always use it for dipping crab in butter. It never occured to me to use it for chocolate fondue. Brilliant! I love s’mores!

  21. What a lovely idea; one that I’m definitely tucking away for our next dinner party!

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