Posted by: Catherine | August 20, 2009

Cheese Fondue Tastings




As soon as Emma was born I swore that she would not think cheese was “American” and that bread was “Wonder.” (I also made Bruce swear that we would never allow any rodent-like pets.) When she was little, Emma was game to try anything. Then came snacks at school, something I hadn’t thought about but those snacks were a breeding ground  for American Cheese and Wonder Bread to say nothing of Juice (anything in a pretty, sugar-laden color), which up to that point Emma didn’t like. It wasn’t long before all she wanted to drink was Hawaiian Punch; she asked me to buy the same cheese her friend had (yup, that would be Kraft singles); and she stopped eating bread that wasn’t “soft and squishy.”

I had to do something….

So, I bought butter warmers at Sur La Table and started making all kinds of cheese fondues, two at a time so I could make it a game and we could all vote for the one we preferred. I never used any alcohol in them, just cream (1/4 to 2/3 cup for 8 ounces of cheese), salt and white pepper (though sometimes I garnished the top with caraway seeds (gouda) or black pepper (chevre)). We’ve used Swiss, Gruyere, Emmanthaler, Chevre, Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Fontina, Cheddar, and many others. I served them with all sorts of dippers Emma loved: pieces of baguette, croutons, crackers, sliced apples, ham and proscuitto. Years later, we are still having our Cheese Fondue Tastings…and I’ve never–ever!–bought Kraft Singles.



  1. Catherine, this is full of goodness. I love cheese fondue!

  2. Fondue is so much fun and so delicious, how could Emma resist? PS I’mn with you on the rodent-like pets.

  3. I’ve never done fondue at home….we need to fix that fast! I think cheese is one of my favorite things in life. =)

  4. that’s such a cute idea 🙂 which cheeses turned out to be the favorites?

    • I would say Chevre as long as there are apples for dunking. But anything gooey like Gruyere is a favorite, too, with pieces of baguette.

      • I’ll have to remember that 🙂 thanks for sharing! and thanks for stopping by my site as well! I added you onto my google reader a while back and have been reading your site ever since.

  5. The mix of cheeses sounds fantastic.
    As for kids and food, it’s like with everything else, we try to protect our children, teach to choose wisely, but the environment offers other things we might not like them to do. We can’t protect them from everything or forever, right?! I just keep on talking about things and modeling to them what I think is a better way for them, for us…

  6. Love it. Cheese fondue is a good time. I think Gruyere is my favorite for it. Man, I wish my parents had done that when I was a kid!

  7. We do regular cheese tastings and cheese fondue tastings sound fabulous, we will give it a try! My daughter is not a fan of blue cheeses or brie yet, but pretty much everything else she likes. Her favorite right now is Gouda.

  8. A girl who can love strong cheese like Gouda and Gruyere is a girl I can love. What a fun idea!

  9. I could go for some cheese tasting right now! What delicious habits you have!

  10. Why do kids love the squishy white bread??

    I love the idea of using butter warmers for cheese fondue, my family would love this!

  11. I was raised on a lunch of white bread, Kraft single and Miracle Whip. Needless to say, my kids have never had anything like it. Yuck!

  12. What a fun idea. How lucky your daughter is to have a mom so interested in her learning different foods. Awesome idea.

  13. I’ve never had cheese fondue.looks like fun!!

  14. yummm!! cheeeseee!! love it 🙂 love the great idea

  15. I want to be a kid at your house!

  16. oh this is so fun! have you been to the Melting Pot? they have amazing cheese fondue!

  17. good for you! This looks so much better anyway.

  18. YES! No more nasty Kraft! In with the real cheese!
    And oh my…I’ve GOt to try my own fondue sometime…it is ridiculous that I never had cheese fondue before, when I am SUCH a cheese-whore!

  19. Real cheese is the way to go! I read that the chemical composition of Kraft Singles is closer to garbage bags than real cheese. Blech!

    I like the assortment of foods that you served along with the fondue.

  20. Wonderful Fondue I love the setting Cheese Foundue is my favorite Yummy !

    Have a Wonderful Day !

  21. I do love this posting. I did break down and buy Kraft American cheese during my son’s bologna and cheese phase. What’s a mother to do? Happily, he is now a brie and asiago fan! Tastes do change. My daughter was a turkey and swiss sort of girl! I also did the rodent thing. (Guinea pig) Got fond of the little fellow – he looked like a buirrito. Of course he did have rodent feet.

  22. We broke down and got our kids sugar gliders, at least they have hands! Good for you for introducing good foods. Yes they all want what the other kids have thinking it is better. They realize the homemade foods are much nicer!

  23. Sugar gliders are tiny marsupial animals from Australia, we got ours from a breeder in MD. They are about 2 ounces, nocturnal, and can sleep in our pockets if we want them to. They dine on fruits and veggies, make all kinds of cute noises and live for about 8-12 years. They do glide using their “wings” much like a flying squirrel. Very Cute!
    Don’t show Emma, she may want one…or two!

    PS- My children wanted a dog and these were a compromise.

  24. Wow does this sound good! I wish my mom had known about these when I was growing up on Kraft singles 🙂

  25. You were fondue ready!

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