Posted by: Catherine | August 13, 2009

Double Chocolate-Oreo Ice Cream Pie with Hot Fudge Sauce



My go-to dessert when we’re having adults and kids, and when I have no time to fuss, is this Ice Cream Pie. It takes seconds to make, Emma says it’s better than a hot fudge sundae because of the crust and, really, what’s not to like regardless of age? Naturally, we use chocolate ice cream, but more “normal” people can substitute vanilla (makes me cringe to even think about that)—I have experimented with coffee and pistachio but always come back to you-know-what.

I usually use Nabisco wafers—those flat, crispy cookies you use to make the whipped cream “cake”–but this time my grocery store was out of them and I was out of shopping time. What to do? There they were staring at me from the shelf: Oreos with chocolate filling, and I thought yum…I’m gonna use chocolate-oreo ice cream, too. Yup, it was good. Emma and Bruce preferred the crust to the wafer version because it was “more crumbly.”

All you do is dump the pack of cookies, either one, into the food processor and pulse into crumbs. Melt half a stick (maybe a tablespoon or two more for the wafers…see how the consistency is) of butter. Toss them together and press into a pie plate. On occasion I’ve baked the crust for a few minutes at 350 degrees as many similar recipes suggest, but there is just no reason to do this so I’ve stopped. (Why add an extra needless step?) As soon as you’ve packed the crust (tiny hands are great for this), spoon in slightly melted ice cream (I bet your kids will want to help with this step, too), and freeze. Be sure to freeze flat–this particular pie is not beautiful because  I was in such a hurry I didn’t rearrange the freezer, the pie tilted and the ice cream ran over one of the sides, burying the crust. To hide my impatience,  I just drizzled some hot fudge over all, and thought he fix was a keeper.

Serve with a pitcher of  fudge sauce—I’ve seen two-year-olds master pouring this way!

Hot Fudge Sauce

1/2 lb. good semi-sweet chocolate, broken into small pieces

2-4 oz. heavy cream (I have even used 1% milk in a pinch), depending on the consistency you like

1 T Kahlua or coffee liqueur (don’t worry, there’s not taste of it…it just enriches the sauce)

Slowly melt all ingredients together until warm. Serve immediately.



  1. Gaaaawd! This is insane. Look at this pie, how in the world I can say no?

  2. Oh, Wow, this is a super decadent ice cream pie! So chocolaty! I love the addition of coffee liqueur in the fudge sauce! Yum!

  3. Ice cream is my downfall and this looks so good! It one of the easiest things to put together and people think you took some time to put it together. I have a great recipe from one of Rachael Ray’s cookbooks called Fried Ice Cream pie. Always hit with my friends.

  4. it’s a chocolate explosion! My husband would love this!

  5. whoah! this is the most decadent dessert i have seen in a while!!

  6. OMG!! I love love love you for this delicious recipe. My kids will love you even more.

  7. I wanna lick my screen from the second picture!

  8. Oh, man. Oreo + ice cream + hot fudge…it would be impossible to squeeze any more chocolate into this dish. LOVE it. I want this for dinner. All week.

  9. Heavenly delicious!! Love that huge dollop of fudge sauce!!!! A chocoholic dream dessert.

  10. Holy crap. That looks wicked, wicked good.

  11. This is enough to tempt me away from lemons! Love the hot fudge sauce recipe. We need to try that soon!

  12. Well, heck, this thing sure looks like it DOESN’T suck! Wow!

  13. What an excellent & grand dessert!!! I would like to diig in that lovely piece,…I can nearly bite in that lovely piece of pie & that sauce!!!

    This is PERFECTION!!!

  14. I’ll have a double slice, even if it’s tilted.

  15. This looks and sounds insanely good!

  16. come on now! it’s decadent enough without that sinful (and completely glorious) sauce. nice touch, catherine–i’d do exactly the same thing. 🙂

  17. If there’s one sweet I have a weakness for, it’s ice cream. How nice would a big slice of that pie be on a hot summer evening?

  18. omg!! this will taste heavenly delicious!! m already craving.. wish i get a piece

  19. Wowza! I just made a batch of mint oreo ice that would have been amazing for this.
    I love that you were not stingy with the hot fudge sauce…amen

  20. Oh, I know just who I want to make this for. Me first and then two little boys.

  21. Be still my heart.

  22. I’m definitely going to book mark this recipe!

    Thanks for posting it!

  23. Oh! This chocolate ice cream pie look so yummie! I know that still early, but I can have it now…Catherine, I have a “little something” for you, please go to at the bottom of the post 🙂

  24. I love these kind of pies, I could eat the entire thing myself! Sad news though, I was just in The Cheesecake Factory and they are doing away with the chocolate peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake!! Can you believe it? You just mentioned it to me and now it is almost gone, sad.

  25. Wow this dessert would satisfy any chocolate craving I often get! Thanks for sharing your recipe 🙂

  26. Oh gawd. That looks AMAZING! I think I just gained 3 pounds looking at it… totally worth it.

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