Posted by: Catherine | August 10, 2009

BBQ Pork Sandwiches with Mango



What to do with all that leftover bbq pork loin Bruce bought on sale at Ralphs? I knew what he was going to suggest before he even thought about it: bbq pork sandwiches. Ever since I made the Steak and Roquefort Sandwiches, he’s been on a sandwich kick–he’s the kind of person who, when he finds something good to eat, wants it  overandoverandover until we (read, Emma and I) want to kill ourselves if we have to have one more bite. He doesn’t discriminate: It happened with the burger at Spago (around $30) exactly like it happened with the burger at The Counter (around $7); it might be Our #1 Favorite Chocolate Cake…or a Krispy Kreme. He’s a high/low guy when it comes to food…just slightly obsessive as in…if the lunch is bad, the day is shot.

Back to the bbq pork. I chopped it all up, dumped it in a pan slathered with Bruce’s Secret BBQ Sauce, and slow cooked it for a while adding more Sauce when needed. When we were ready to eat, I cut some Ciabatta into sandwich-size pieces and lightly toasted. I piled on some pork, some cole slaw made with oil and vinegar (not mayo) and some mango slices.

Bruce had the same sandwich the next day, and the day after that.



  1. Okay, absolutely delicious, I mean this sounds so dreamy to me.

  2. This looks so sticky and delicious! I love mango with barbecue. LOVE.

  3. This sounds terrific! I really like the addition of the mango. What a great idea. When we eat pulled pork it usually is a 3-4 day marathon of nothing but pork for dinner. =)

  4. What a lovely & fantastic filled sandwich: fabolous!!!

  5. My mouth is watering… yum!

  6. Now I know how to get my daughter to like bbq sandwiches – the mango slices! That is a great idea! Thanks!

  7. Oh! This sandwich looks so yummie…the bread and the filling is just mouthwaterin! Lovely pictures!

  8. Nice, love bbq shredded pork. And sandwiches. My girlfriend is the same way with eating the same thing for long spurts. Does he also suddenly get sick of it when you still have a whole bunch of whatever it is left? Heh.

    • I would say…no! He doesn’t seem to ever get sick of what’s left…or going to the same restaurant he loves.

  9. This looks sinfully delicious and I love that you linked to other recipes from here. Have to check out that fav choc cake now.

  10. He’s too funny! The man knows what he likes- ha ha!

    And who doesn’t have a bad day if they have a bad lunch?

  11. Lucky you that Bruce will eat leftovers ovr and over again. My hubs likes it once more and then that’s that. Great idea about adding the mango, a nice sweet twist for sure!

  12. oooh. glorious barbecued pork—i’m pretty sure it’s my favorite way to partake of pig (besides bacon, of course). your mango twist is interesting and brilliant!

  13. Never thought to put mango on it! Interesting! It looks yummy.

  14. That’s so funny about Bruce! I’m like that too. If I make something for my lunch at work and its great, I’ll eat it every day.

    When I had my first apartment, pretty much all I had was pasta, and chicken and would make either one of those all the time!

  15. Mango just adds depth to savory dishes! Yum!

  16. What a great idea with mango!

    In Chinese food, usually it’s add pineapple for the sweet and sour taste.

  17. have never tried this way b4. vat a great combo!! i shud give a shot soon..

  18. Love love love manchego, but we’ve never had it with pork…only chicken and turkey. Sounds like a good way to eat it up.

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