Posted by: Catherine | August 6, 2009

Grilled BBQ Pork



Bruce’s grilled pork tenderloins with his secret barbeque sauce are absolutely delicious, and a favorite of ours especially in summer with fresh corn and tomatoes. However, when he saw a great deal on pork loins he bought one (not really knowing there was a difference in the cuts). Just wasn’t the same…good, but nowhere near the moist, tender tenderloin.

Except for the occasional chip-and-Hostess cupcake run, I do our food shopping. We live in LA and within minutes from our house there’s a “gourmet” Ralphs–it’s just a fantastic store with great produce, breads, meats, an enormous selection of basics and not-so-basic basics, even a decent deli where we often buy sandwiches for a fast dinner, bring them home and put them in the panini maker. I shop there in a major way once or twice a week and play a game with myself to see how much I can save—I buy (and store) everything on sale, and more than half the time I save more than I spend. Swear to God, and I don’t use any coupons except for those that come directly to me in the mail and give me, say, $5 off my next shopping trip. So, for example, I can go to Ralphs, spend $75…and save $80. No shit!

Bruce totally got into the game–and that’s how we ended up with a pork loin instead of a tenderloin—there was a 50-percent-off sale, and he couldn’t help himself.

To bbq: Toss the tenderloins on a hot grill and slow-cook, turning, basting, hovering…until done. Serve with extra sauce drizzled over each slice.



  1. Ralph’s sounds like a great place – wish I had one here. The pork still looks quite delicious – especially with the homemade sauce.

  2. The pork looks great! I love pork and corn together it is quintessential summer bbq food.

  3. Oh man do I miss grilling. Looks awesome, grilled bbq pork is the bomb.

    I’m jealous of Ralphs, I don’t have a decent grocery store near me.

  4. I love BBQ pork.

  5. Hahaha it’s hard to resist those sales! Sorry it didn’t turn out as juicy as anticipated, still looks tasty though 🙂

  6. You have mentioned this sauce twice now so that means I must try it out very soon, before summer runs out on us. I loved Emma’s Pizza souffle too! I must ask- what are casper cookies, are they a meringue cookie? That is my guess.

    • Caspar cookies are little ghost cookies. You just make some really stiff meringue, add some confectioners’ sugar, put on parchment-lined cookie sheet in a tall little mound (like a ghost), add two mini-chocolate-chip eyes, and bake until hard.

  7. Oh, delicious looking! All you need is some slaw on that plate and I’d be right over!

  8. I love Ralphs… they don’t have them out here in AZ though 😦

  9. That pork sounds really good with the secret BBQ sauce! I am totally hungry now!

  10. not so secret anymore! It looks amazing! I would love it with some sweet potatoes!

  11. BBQ pork is a fav of mine.. it looks delicious!

  12. Those are the juiciest-looking grilled pork barbecue!!

  13. so that pork looks incredibly moist and scrumptious, there’s no denying that. for some reason, although i’m definitely a pig-product-lover, i’m most drawn to that corn right now—it looks luscious!

  14. waw!! That grilled BBQ pork looks so tasty & fabulous!!


  15. Mmmmm, this looks so good, perfect summer eating. My Sean would love this.

  16. BBQ Looks so delicious make any gathering complete YUm!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe!

    Have a wonderful Day !

  17. Love the new look, keep up the great work the number of visitors must have increased?.

  18. Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

  19. Wow! I’m drooling right now…. it seriously looks so delicious!

  20. Mmmmm… so tasteful!! Love pork!

  21. perfectly done!! yummm!!!

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