Posted by: Catherine | July 3, 2009

Emma’s Fresh Fruit Smoothie


We love making fruit smoothies, and this summer Emma is creating great concoctions on her own. We have two caveats: pure fruit (no milk, no ice cream, no yogurt) and no ice (frozen fruit always stands in for ice). On the rare occasion when we have  juice in the house, we might add some to the blender…but just a little. (If a smoothie needs thinning we usually just squeeze an orange.)  So, off we go to the Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings to load up on enough fresh strawberries, peaches and plums to last the week. Those are supplemented by bananas from the grocery store and our fave frozen fruit, the mix of mangos and berries, from TJs.

This smoothie, which was enough for Bruce and Emma for breakfast, contains about a pint of strawberries, a peach, a banana, a handful (or two) of frozen mango-berry mix, and a splash of pomegranate juice we just happened to have on hand because I made Braised Flanken with Pomegranate for a dinner party last Sunday. It was a great combo…but most are–frozen fresh-fruit smoothies are  v. hard to screw up.



  1. oooh..this must be so refreshingly delicious!

  2. This recipe in from Alison…

    Hi Catherine,

    I hope your summer is going well. I’ve been enjoying the fruits of my garden
    and will soon need every tomato recipe know to mankind.

    Here is the smoothie recipe I developed – it is a popular favorite in our house
    – probably a little more caloric but high in protein:

    Fresh soy milk
    Frozen bananas
    Frozen cherries
    1 – 2 Tablespoons almond butter

    I’m sure you could use regular milk as well but I find that the soy works will
    with the other ingredients – almond milk may be nice as well.

    Give it a try if it sounds to your liking.



  3. Delicious smoothie! Bravo to Emma for her first smoothie. It looks delicious.

  4. Perfect – I love your caveats! I do usually add a splash of juice also – whatever is around. The POM is really good with the berries! Come to think about it, it’s almost time to start freezing berries for the year – while they’re cheap and plump! Kudos to Emma.

  5. Emma ! Smoothie are the best your smoothies looks soo Delicious !

    Thanks for sharing your recipe smoothies:)

    Have wonderful and Safe Fourth of July~

  6. The smoothies sound so heavenly!

  7. Good job Emma. How nice you two spend such quality time in the kitchen.. you are lucky, my 3 daughters show very little interest and it is no fun to force them:)

  8. i love a Fresh Fruit Smoothie. especially now when its so hot.


  9. I really love the smoothie….it’s DELICIOUS!! My son loves to help around the kitchen too, & has taken to reading my cookbooks recently. He’s 10!! Have a great 4th Emma!

  10. This sounds so nice and refreshing! I need to start making more smoothies – why not put the blender to work as long as the weather is hot! 🙂

  11. Have a lovely 4th of July!
    This smoothie looks so delicious, I love having my smoothies in a bowl with some granola sprinkled on it… deliciously refreshing!

  12. What a great looking smoothie! Fresh fruit and berry smoothies are a perfect way to beat the summer heat.

  13. Love the smoothie craze. Always refreshing.

  14. perfect for summer! I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately, too!

  15. This sounds wonderful. I love the frozen mango pieces from TJ’s and used to make smoothies with them every day when living in a warmer climate. Delicious!

  16. This smoothie looks excellent! Emma did a great job with this creation!

  17. Hey Emma — One of these when I come out to LA — you must make me one of these smoothies — a lo-cal one would be preferred — looks great –

  18. yumm!! just perfect for summer.. so refreshing and amazing..

  19. Ever since I bought my Magic Bullet a few years ago, we make smoothies all the time, and my kids can each make what they like.

    I don’t know if you have an ALDI food store by you, but they have great frozen fruits that are inexpensive. My favorite is the fiesta blend with Papaya, Pineapple and Mango.

    I love Emma’s variation! I think its so great because kids can start the day with so many vitamins and good stuff!

  20. What a nice & refreshing moring smoothie!!

  21. I have never thought to put in frozen fruit instead of ice. Light bulb moment!

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