Posted by: Catherine | May 12, 2009

Strawberry-Ice-Cream Angel Food Cake with Balsamic-Macerated Strawberries



Turn the cake so that the wide bottom is on top.


With a small serrated knife, cut around the cake about one-half inch from the edge being careful not to perforate the outside. Cut down to about one-half inch from the bottom.


Do the same thing, cutting around the inside hole. (Thankfully, since I almost always have kitchen hands, I had a manicure last week....)


Gently scoop out the inside of the cake, and reserve.



Carefully cut off "the top" of the cake.



Fill the cake with slightly softened strawberry ice cream.



Lookin' good.



Replace the top of the cake with the reserved pieces, and flip so that the wide "top" is on the bottom. Place in freezer until ready to serve.


sliceWhen we’re having last-minute  dinner guests and I want to serve something for dessert that boasts a bit of effort (or when Emma begs me to make this as she did the other night), this concoction my mom taught me how to make is the one! It takes a matter of minutes, and looks rather elegant if I do say so. You can easily bake an angel food (it’s the only cake mix I ever use) or, better yet, just buy one at the supermarket, which is what I usually do. After you fill the cake and replace the topping, flip  it over again to its normal fatter-on-the-bottom shapeliness. The balsamic strawberries can be scooped over the whole cake, or you can serve by the slice–the former is make a bigger overall splash; the latter allows for more perfect individual servings. I’ve never met a guest who didn’t like this dessert…but, as for me, I prefer to fill the cake with chocolate ice cream and top it off with hot fudge sauce (with extra on the side!).



  1. This looks like a plate of Heaven on Earth. Absolutely delicious and I would love to try this!

  2. WOW, refreshing and very summery dessert indeed. Delicious!

  3. This looks gorgeous! Beautiful photo and strawberries with balsamic are such a winning combo. Looks great!

  4. This looks so delicious!! Such a great idea. It just screams of Spring!

  5. Love angel food cake! This looks so delicious, stuffing it with ice cream is such a great idea.

  6. I love the idea of filling the angel food cake with ice cream – so delicious! The balsamic strawberries are awesome!

  7. this is a gorgeous cake! i adore angel food cake, but i always feel bad about throwing away 12 egg yolks. and i can’t believe you filled it with icecream! genius!!

  8. This looks soo good! I’ve made both angel food cake and balsamic strawberries but have never thought to pair them together, can’t wait to try this!

  9. Waw,….Catherine! this filled cake looks so georgous!! Great dessert!! MMMMMMMMMM…….waw!!!

  10. I havent seen anything quite like this before. You are constantly coming up with surprising gems like this one. There are so many possibilities for the filling too; mousse; custard; the mind boggles. Thanks for being unconfidential

  11. That looks so delicious!!! But pretty much work!!! Must try one day!!!

  12. Wow!! I’ve never had Angel cake before, the whole thing looks scrumptious (:O

  13. This looks incredible and perfect for the sunny weather we are seeing in the south!

  14. cool idea! but I’m curious…what did you do with the insides? if you don’t mind, would you send them over to me? 😉

  15. How clever! Put the goodies IN the cake! Great idea!

  16. So easy and so delicious. I love this idea, perfect treat and light too!

  17. I never would have thought about doing that in a million years, how clever!

    My kids would go crazy with that!

    Thanks for posting such a great idea

  18. WOW, I am so amazed with this dessert, I’ll make sure that I make it! The great thing is that since angel cake contains no fat we can indulge with the ice cream without feeling guilty…love the idea.

  19. During strawberry season (end of June for us), this is my fav dessert. I serve it with strawberries & whipped cream. Delicious!

  20. This looks like the perfect springtime dessert – especially as we head into strawberry season on the East coast!

  21. and i drool. strawberry shortcake is a favorite dessert for me, and this fancified version is soooo appealing! i love everything from the stuffed angel food cake (with ice cream, no less!) to the interesting twist you’ve put on the berries. bravo!

  22. Another winning dessert! It looks so impressive.

  23. oh my gosh, what fun! My mother used to make me an angel food cake for my birthday every year. This would be so much fun to try!

    PS: I am intrigued by your duckfat roasted potato idea. Sounds incredibly delicious!

  24. Um. Wow. Too good to be true. Perfect for summer!

  25. What a wonderful idea. I love strawberries with anything this time of year and this recipe looks perfect!

  26. I make the angel food cake using a box mix and add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to make it a chocolate angel food cake. Then use any flavor of ice cream you prefer!! I like mint chocolate chip myself or cookies and cream…..YUMMY!!!! 🙂

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