Posted by: Catherine | April 11, 2009

Mango-Raspberry-Strawberry Bombe



This has been my go-to, non-chocolate dessert for years (thank you once again, Ina!), the one I usually make after a particularly hearty and/or meaty meal. Last week, I made it for my friend Deborah’s birthday dinner—everyone loved it, and as usual everyone was slightly stunned when it became obvious I made it, didn’t buy it (from where? 31 Flavors? don’t know whether that’s a compliment or what???). It’s gorgeous as long as you use the recommended mango on the outermost layer. Once I tried a different combo altogether and had peach outside. Emma said it looked like “doody,” and, frankly, she was exactly right, though we don’t really encourage those kind of similes. The mango is bright as the sun (I use Haagen Dazs), and is beautiful with the raspberry next to it, strawberry in the middle.

(You’re probably wondering why I don’t just change all the flavors and make it chocolate-y. Well…if the peach looked like doody, imagine what chocolate would look like.)

Once, I made this bombe for the end-of-year class party at Emma’s school. I used a series of giant metal mixing bowls and so many pints of Haagen-Dazs I probably made their stock go up. The kids went wild. One little boy asked how I got the ice cream to “do that”, and they were all in line for seconds before the original line finished passing through. It was the last time Emma hung out with me (she was actually proud!) when her friends were around.

(6 servings)

2 pints mango sorbet (Ina makes hers from scratch; good for her…just get the Haagen-Dazs)
1 1/2 pints raspberry sorbet
1 pint strawberry ice cream

Press the mango sorbet against the sides of an 8-inch bowl. Place plastic wrap over it, leaving enough to hang over the sides, then press a 6 1/2-inch bowl into the sorbet to make the layer even. Freeze for 30 minutes or until firm. Using the plastic wrap for leverage, remove the 6 1/2-inch bowl. Spread an even layer of raspberry sorbet on top of the mango sorbet, cover with plastic wrap, and fit a 4 1/2-inch bowl inside, pressing to make the layer even. Freeze for another 30 minutes, or until firm. Remove the 4 1/2-inch bowl and spoon in strawberry ice cream to fill the bowl. Freeze until firm.

To unmold, dip the bowl up to the rim in warm water. Run a knife around the edge to loosen the bombe and unmold upside down onto a flat plate. You may need to run a flexible metal spatula along the edge of the bombe to release it. Freeze until ready to serve. I like to toss the bombe and platter with fresh strawberries and/or raspberries.



  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I have never ventured to making a bombe, but if it’s Ina’s recipe it’s got to be a winner! Great job! Wish I could have a taste.

  2. Waw, this dessert looks great!
    MMMMMM…pure indulgence!!
    Happy Easter!

  3. That turned out so well! Pretty colors! Glad I found your blog. I will definitely keep checking for updates.

  4. Lovely! We like the Haagen-Daz mango sorbet a lot too.

  5. I have always wanted to make this one, I keep admiring the picture in the book. Yours looks perfect!

  6. I’m so impressed with how smoothly it turned out. Usually when I line a bowl with plastic wrap my ice cream has a wrinkly surface from the creased plastic. Good job. The layering looks really effective.

  7. WOOOOWWWW!! my brother will totally flip over this. he loves mango and ice cream and sorbet. you’re so amazingly talented to be able to make such definite layers like that!

  8. MARIANA, You don’t line the first bowl with plastic wrap–that’s why it’s so smooth. You get it out by dipping in hot water. The plastic wrap is only for the second and third layers. Hope this helps!

  9. Wow, that’s beautiful!

  10. How beautiful, I never made this before. Sounds perfect as the weather is getting warmer. Oh, I really like Hagen Dasz. My favorite “Amazon Chocolate”, “Fleur de Sel”, and “Pomegrante”. They are the best.

  11. What a beautiful dessert. I like icecream bombes. I make one every Christmas with raspberry sorbet in the middle and vanilla icecream on the outside. It’s simple, but perfect after a heavy meal. I like your three flavors.

  12. Oh my… it looks so pretty and yummy!!! The presentation with the strawberry…. and even after being cut!!

  13. Ive seen this in her book and have always wanted to try it. It looks lovely, no wonder emma was proud when you made it before..

  14. how elegant and beautiful–definitely something worth showing off! and most importantly, the flavor combination sounds ridiculously good.

  15. Ahhh the tricks of the trade. Thanks Catherine.

  16. This looks beautiful! By the way, I made your Frozen Lemon Meringue Bombe for Easter lunch yesterday and it was a huge hit, so a big thank you for sharing that.

  17. Gorgeous. Gorgeoous. Emma’sclass is so lucky…

  18. That looks so elegant! goodness!:)

  19. Wow, fabulous dessert, gorgeous!

  20. Absolutely beautifull

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