Posted by: Catherine | February 2, 2009

Emma’s Doggie Treats (and B-day Cake)


Guthrie and Jake's B-day cake. You can see the cute paw-print crepe-paper I used to tie the party favors in the background

Guthrie and Jake's B-day cake. You can see the cute paw-print crepe-paper I used to tie the party favors (mini versions of the cake) in the background.

Right after we got Guthrie three years ago, Emma and her friend Britland entered their school science fair with Doggie Breath Biscuits. They “invented”  a treats recipe, broke up pieces of breath mints from a pet store into the dough (like “chips,” the girls explained) and used a bone-shaped cookie cutter. Not only were they adorable…Guthrie loved them. So much, in fact, that we spent almost every Saturday (for years, it seemed to me) baking batches—sans breath mints—and packing them up for friends’ pooches, who also gobbled them up. We put them on paper plates with dog designs, wrapped with cellophane and tied them with the cutest dog-paw crepe paper I found at a party store. (There was a nano-second when I thought: next year’s tuition?)

On Guthrie’s first birthday, Emma and her friend, Carson, whose labrador, Jake, was also born on February 3, decided to have a joint party in a nearby dog park, everyone welcome. Emma and I brought the wrapped biscuits for party favors, and we made a giant version of her doggie treats as a cake. We placed it on piece of cardboard we covered with brown paper (and, yes, I drew all those paw prints, but have since found wrapping paper just like it at the 99 Cents Store–duh!)  and decorated with tubes of people frosting. I still have a hard time believing I spent hours doing this, but it was really fun and, to prove it, I admit to having made this an annual event.

Emma’s Doggie Treats (and B-day Cake)

(about 12 biscuits, depending on the size of your bone-shaped cookie cutter (we have three different sizes) or 1 cake)


1 8-oz. package of cream cheese

1 cup peanut butter, smooth or chunky, whichever your doggie prefers

1 cup flour, more if you need a thicker consistency because peanut butter consistency varies

1 egg

Stir together all ingredients, adding more flour if you need it. Shape into a ball, refrigerate for 15 to 30 minutes if it’s too soft, then roll into 1/2-inch thickness and cut out biscuits (or tap your inner artist and cut into a bone-shaped cake). Bake at 350 degrees until lightly browned. Cool and serve.

NOTE: I always double or triple this recipe—if you don’t give them away, you can freeze and use as needed. As you can imagine, kids + flour = mess, and I prefer to do this less not more.



  1. I like your recipe for treats and cake, it’s good to have one for both!
    I used to have a dog bakery and really enjoyed coming up with a lot of fun treat ideas. Have you tried different shapes for holidays etc? Bats and cats at Halloween, etc, I’m sure your kids would love that too.
    Of course the doggies don’t care about the shape but their humans loved them! 🙂

    Also, you may have tried this but if you want to make a chocolate-looking frosting (no chocolate though as it’s deadly to dogs) try melted unsweetened carob chips to your icing recipe
    or some carob powder mixed with some water (to make it chocolate-y looking) and add to the other frosting ingredients. Play around with the amount until it looks good to you. I do both and its fun to have a mock chocolate cake too.

    Great blog!!


  2. Thanks Dana. Great idea with the carob….Guthrie will love it! Stay tuned–I’m going to post about Mama Emma’s Pupparoni Pizza shortly.

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